Why is education so expensive?

Way back in 1981, I got my three year old daughter admitted into a newly-opened private school which charged Rs. 250 per month. My father had been amazed. When I had been in school (1950-1960) the monthly fee had been Rs. 20 a month, so he thought I was paying too much. I told him that my daughter’s school was relatively cheap, as there were some schools which were charging Rs. 400 per month. But now, with monthly school fees being at least Rs. 5,000 today, how can you expect a poor man’s children to get a good education? The monthly salary of the average man of thirty (with a bachelor’s degree) is Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 (of course, there are professionals who earn four to five times this amount, but they are very few). So it’s out of the question for the common man to get his children admitted to a decent school. For the poor labourer (who has six children at least), it’s impossible. And that’s why we have so many boys in madressahs, where they get free food and lodging. But then, knowing the kind of education imparted there, the boys who graduate from madressahs cannot live a decent life. The result of course is mass poverty.

The government, as usual, has always given a low priority to education. To build forty schools requires eight hundred and forty thousand dollars, but the government would rather spend this money on buying a Tomahawk missile. It’s obvious that unless the government starts spending more on education, Pakistan will always have potential suicide bombers.

4 thoughts on “Why is education so expensive?”

  1. I agree with the post. I am earning 60,000/ per month. Net amount left after incurring expenses is not much that I can’t afford admission in private institutions. Education is really very expensive. Now a days I am going through depression because of this.

  2. i don,t like this .
    i think education is the right of mankind it should not be so expensive either in pakistan or any other country in the world.

  3. Great post! Education has to do with demand and supply. Everyone wants an education. Schools and universites take advantage of this fact because they know no matter how high the cost, people will still come to get educated.

    One thing i’ve always wanted to know. Why do labourers have so many kids. I mean, you know you will not be able to give them a good life so why have so many kids. Why have kids at all. Just buy a c***** and get on with it.


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