Why I love Pakistan

Despite my country being a near failed state, I still love Pakistan. I dream of the day when my fellow citizens will be able to live together in peace. I dream of better times in the years to come, when a man or woman will not be discriminated against because he or she is not a muslim or does not belong to a particular province.

And I love Pakistan because wherever I go, the people are so hospitable and kind. I know that wherever I go, I shall be able to make myself understood easily because the dialects of the people are so similar.

I remember the time when I had to wait twenty four hours before I could make a telephone call from Peshawar to Karachi, because of the long waiting line. I remember when the cost of calling Lahore was forty rupees per minute compared to today’s rates of two rupees a minute. It would take years before one got a telephone connection. Very few people had cars or motor cycles. Now practically every family has a vehicle.

Although the pollution has increased, medical facilities have grown astronomically. In the early sixties, there was only one doctor in Nursery, where I lived. Now there are ten. Medicines were very expensive and had to be imported. Now we have factories making drugs for practically every ailment under the sun.

When television first appeared in 1967, there was only one channel. Now, there are fifty and growing. It’s a real pleasure to watch TV plays produced by talented players.

Yes, the country has progressed remarkably. I am hundred percent sure that in the coming days, we shall overcome our political problems and the rule of law will be restored.

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  1. this is sumbal doing electrical engineering form RIU..jus wanna say that whatever the situation we love our country.. we’ll keep loving it and we’ll work for it with sincerity passion just like we wanna do some interesting stuff i mean come on if ONLY we students give our best at personal level i believe that one day the whole country OUR COUNTRY will be the best in this world inshaAllah.


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