Why eating fats is actually good for you????

Have you ever heard about eating fats to loose weight! I laughed out load when one of my classmates said that while we were eating burgers in the college cafeteria. Of course I thought she was bluffing. But then after ten minutes I had to change my mind.
Well as everything has been transformed in the world with induction of new researches made every year, some facts about diet plans have also seen transformation. Things that were prohibited are now a necessity. Similarly when it is about following a diet plan, it will not be a new statement if you are told “do not eat FATS.” However recent studies show that excessive dieting makes you unhealthy and not slim. They may completely indulge you into one of the most horrifying figures like a big belly and fat thighs. I won’t like to look like that.

So if you really want to work on a diet plan, let me suggest you a perfect solution. Eat everything but in small proportions. Be it even fats. Human body is a perfect machine and for this machine to work well you must consider what are its requirements. The basic idea while following a diet plan for losing weight should be that you should neither starve yourself nor should over load. Because body needs food after intervals and an excess or deficiency can cause what you won’t like. So instead of not eating fats ever; use them in smaller proportions’, like twice a week or so!

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  1. slam koi banda mujhe response nhi kar rha.agar ksi koi hamzad khasosi ju hamzad ka amal jantay hain mein pehle b bta chuka hon k hamzad ka amal kia mujhe support karne k lye meri id par rabta karin.agar apko kuch pta hai.thanks

  2. Self-control is common sense. Going on a diet to the point of starvation is stupidity. There is a big difference between the two. I’m glad you exercise, but most people don’t, which I why they gain weight. Also, eating the right foods is important. Some people eat only sugary foods and those rich in fat. It is not surprising that they gain weight. Eating in moderation and the right foods is the key, along with exercise.

  3. In the community I belong to, being fat is considered healthy. Most of my nephews are overweight (so is my son). When I’m at a wedding dinner, people stare at me as if I’m from another planet. Most of them are 10-15 kg overweight. It’s only by exercising tremendous self-control that I’ve managed to remain slim most of my life.

  4. lean-fat is good for you….everything in moderation moderation moderation

    i have met people who unwisely think that starving themself is best way to lose weight…when u starve yourself, your metabolism shuts down

    thats why its better to eat frequent, but light meals. Exercize and increased heart rate also help boost metabolism.

    in the morning, avoid butter with toast…..and use special ”light carb” bread –usually its the grain bread brown in colour. Because bread is very fattening as it is carb rich

    if possible, eat fish….very high protein and lean fat. Good for ppl on diet =)

  5. thats the name of the game sir….best of luck to you brother.

    Frequent but light meals…..very little rotee/bread/carbs….no sugar. Use Splenda or other sugar-substitutes. Brown sugar is said to be okay also.

    If you arent too busy, try brisk-walking or running around the neighbourhood –even 25 minutes can make a difference..

    Inshallah you’ll again fit into those trousers =) Be patient.

  6. I took Yusha’s advice, and promptly gained 3 kg, although I exercise regularly. Now I can’t get into my trousers as my stomach expanded by three inches. Now I’ll have to cut down on flour (“roti”) and everything containing man-made sugar (like soft drinks) for three months to return to my original weight of 76 kg.

  7. Tremendous post! I wrote one on dieting mentioning exactly why people should not starve themsleves, instead, eat properly and actually exercise, which is what is required to lose weight. However, it is useless telling people. They don’t listen. Or manybe they are just too lazy to exercise and think that dieting alone will magically make them lose weight.


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