Why crooks always get away in Pakistan?

Almost everyday, newspapers publish advertisements by banking courts asking defaulters to pay or face legal action (usually resulting in their properties being auctioned). Sometimes the loans are as low as half a million rupees. So can anyone explain why loans amounting to Rs. 60 billion were written off during the Musharraf era? One favoured politician (Senator Haroon Akhter of the PML-Q) got away with a hundred and ten million rupees. Why didn’t the banks follow the prescribed procedure for these big defaulters also? Perhaps there are different laws for bigger criminals.

After this loot and plunder by the bigwigs, on what grounds can banks take legal action against small defaulters? Justice demands that either all loans be written off or all defaulters be made to return the money borrowed by them. But one thing is evident: in Pakistan, it pays to be a big crook. You can lie, cheat and rob, and yet you can be elected to the assemblies, where you get more opportunities to loot the country and become even richer.

Should we not rename the country as “Crookistan”?

4 thoughts on “Why crooks always get away in Pakistan?”

  1. I think they wont get away this far. Talibans are even crooks. They want to impose their government in Pakistan by killing civilians. What kind of way is this I don’t get it? The media should play a role here along with army to defeat them. Media WAKE UP!! Bring a revolution!

  2. The Taliban and Al-Qaeda are trying to attempt to hide their barbaric acts from the public and issuing statements to that effect saying that this is a war against non Muslims . So really they want us to believe that this is a war where they can kill muslims while praying?? And still it is a war against non muslims. The militants who prolly don’t even know the religion rite!!

  3. Good post. We should all stand toghther and raise one voice against corruption and extremism. Another long march should be done against Taliban and al qaeeda who are de stabilizing our country very badly I believe.

  4. Very well said by Shakir. It all starts, when we try to avoid standing in a line to get our ID cards, driving licence etc and use our realtionships with officials to get our task done ahead of others. It promotes the idea of “Me” and slowly it takes over all norms, rules and regulations.

    Same thing on the road, hospitals, air ports etc where we do not respect laid rules ourselves and ultimately promoting a culture of corruption, law lessness and social disaster.

    When we respect people based on their wealth and power, we disrespect basic human rights. It will only change, if you me and others make change in our own behaviours and attitude.

    Banks are managed by our people from our own society and they are reflecting our common moral. Which is very ugly at this time!!!!!!!!


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