Why are we always in a hurry?

It has become a fashion to drive the car speedy these days, a large number of teenagers even under aged, are normally driving their cars very speedy. No doubt that it is a source of enjoyment and pleasure and has been considered as a hobby of youth but it results in claiming the lives. The recent incident of Pattoki, in which atleast 12 children aged between 7-12 died on spot, has shaken us from inside and has forced us to answer the question that who has given us the right to take the lives of innocent human beings for our pleasure, the eyes of those parents are still waiting for their children and ears are longing to hear the news that their children are still alive; but their wishes now can not come true.

A large number of accidents take place all over the country on the daily basis, speedy drivers are continuously taking the lives of pedestrians but they are not even charged on this severe crime by either bribing the police department or using their P.R, not only this but they are not even shameful on their act and continue to drive in the same manner. In our country, even traffic sergeants are in the search of under aged drivers just for the sake of their own profit; after taking their desired sum from these speedy drivers, they leave them to drive in their desired manner.

Bills have been passed in this regard and law has strictly prohibited this act; but no one has been observed acting on it yet; the question which everyone should ask from himself/herself is that “Is our enjoyment more important than the lives of innocent human beings?”.

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  1. This is very funny. The major problem in this country is that the law is not enforced, because even bus drivers have friends and relatives in the government. They don’t care a damn who dies if they indulge in over-speeding, because they have been brainwashed into believing that a human will die at the time fixed for him and it’s God who is responsible for the people they kill. So you can’t really expect things to change unless you replace all the mullahs in the mosques and replace them with educated men.


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