Why are we a developing country for 60 years?

We are not a developing nation; it’s a disgusting lie just for the self-deception. We never started development, and we are not far away from the caves. Ok, let’s stop bleating, but why it that developed world has developed and we haven’t, and this isn’t the case just with the Pakistan, but also with other so-called developing world. Most of the developing countries have got very ancient civilizations and they are found in the very early times of the history, yet they are so poor and pathetic. For example Egypt and India are here for so long a time you could even exhaust the search in the history, yet they are far behind Canada and Australia, who are not so much old on this planet.

Is it the natural resources through which developed world have achieved the paragon status? No because Japan is the second largest economy in the world, and 80% of its area consists of mountains and difficult terrain. Japan doesn’t produce any raw material, yet it exports almost all the electronic goods of the world. Switzerland doesn’t produce cocoa, and its chocolates are famous the world over. Swiss are famous for their high-quality dairy products, yet they have no cattle farming industry. Nature has also been cruel with most of the developed world. In Russia, Canada, USA and many of the European countries, the temperature remains below freezing, and yet they don’t budge.

Developing world, which mostly consists of Muslim countries has got ample amount of natural resources and they have got all kinds of weathers, and they have got all sorts of blessings of nature, yet they don’t produce anything, and if they produce something at all, it is often substandard and laughable, trusted by none.

Then what is it that really makes the developed world a developed one? Its, in my humble opinion, the attitude of people. Its their educated people, who know their rights and who follow the rules and laws. It’s the people, who observe ethics, and it’s the people who love working, and it’s the people who plan their lives, and who live and let live. They treasure learning and imparting education, and they share their knowledge and skills and their synergy make their country developed.

You know better than me what happens in our developing countries. We always keep trying to find the black spots on the white curtain. The fault lies with us; the people.

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