Why are Sikhs not allowed to eat halal meat?

Years ago, in the book “Bhowani Junction” (which was made into a film and shot in Lahore), I read about Sikhs not being allowed to eat “halal” meat. I thought the writer might have made a mistake, since Sikhs (believing in one God) are closer to Muslims than Hindus. But now I have come across someone else saying the same thing, in fact it is Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC), the supreme temporal body of the Sikhs. In today’s Times of India, there is an article entitled “Those who trim hair, beard are not true Sikhs: SGPC”,. I have no quarrel with that, since this is the only visible feature of Sikhs which makes them stand out from others.. But then the article says, (and this I cannot understand), “Sikhs should abstain from liquor, cigar and halal meat”.

Of course, what they eat or drink is their own business, but why this ban on halal meat? If there’s a Sikh scholar who’s reading this, I’ll be grateful if he can explain this peculiar tenet for being a true Sikh.

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  1. Someone made very good sense here by telling that since the order came doing in Mugul era and only halaal meat was probably available in the market thereby it was not allowed. Had there be jhatka present in market probably the order would have been meat not allowed.
    Strangely so but I have met sikhs who drink alot and eat meat. Some muslim drink to but mostly not in family, weddings etc I have seen sikhs doing its 24/7. No offence just an observation.

  2. It’s because Sikhs are an ignorant set of people. They only see with their eyes and do not take the time to learn.

    The Islamic way of killing an animal is to cut the animal vein that is in the neck. This vein is the main vein that carries blood from around the body. By cutting that vein, detaches the pain recepters and the animal starts to bleed. The animal does not feel pain.
    The reason the animal makes noises and swirms is because there is still blood within the animal. Only when the animal is drained of blood, it stops swiriming.

    As the blood squirts out is good too. Illnesses are spread through the blood stream. By first draining the blood you reduce the risk and likleyhood of disease. Obviously then its drained further and washed, then cooked.

    Many Sikhs are very ignorant and dont like to admit that they do not understand or even ask questions.

  3. Because we don’t believe in pathetic, lame, things where you believe saying prayer over the meat killing it that is baseless, why are you killing it in beginning then? If your going to eat it anyways, your taking away life, let it be slow or sudden, same thing, utter-nonsense my email:

  4. yep. Steak in Pakistan. Why not? All u need is sirloin. We have the best livestock in the world.

    as for sausages, sure I am game for some. As long as they are beef/hilal 😉

    all this talk of food…its making me hungry.

    proud to be a carnivore……there are those who worship cows in a certain nearby neighbour ‘country’

    here, we like it medium rare; served with spicy sauce =D


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