Why are people complaining about removal of World Cup matches from Pakistan?

Pakistan will not be allowed to host World Cup matches in 2011 due to terrorist attacks on Sri Lankan cricketers and general uncertainity in the country. This has left a lot of people complaining. I don’t understand how a country in which cricketers of a touring country narrowly escaped being killed should be allowed to host any tournament.

I don’t know what people are ranting about, by complaining about ICC’s decision to ban Pakistan from hosting World Cup matches. Will cricketers tour Pakistan even if ICC changes its decision? ICC banning Pakistan from hosting tournaments and cricketers from other countries refusing to tour Pakistan is common sense.

If these attacks had taken place in another country, and that country was not allowed to host World Cup matches, would you still complain?

Before the attacks on Sri Lankan cricketers, Imran Khan repeatedly said that terrorist attacks against cricketers would not take place in Pakistan. I don’t remember the reason he gave for this. It was something like… terrorists love cricket very much. Well, Mr. Khan, terrorists don’t love cricket that much!

I don’t know how much terrorists love cricket, but their love for mass murder certainly takes top priority. Maybe they like to mix work with pleasure!

Some people take cricket way too seriously. During India-Pakistan matches, TV sets are broken when Pakistan loses, and during the 1996 World Cup when Pakistan lost to India, one guy shot himself.

Whether Pakistan is allowed to host the World Cup or not, and whether Pakistan loses to India or not, people need to calm down. It’s only a game.

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  1. @Confused Indian
    Wow the proponent of biggest democracy,
    Instead of reviving Mr Jinnah, its better you find what was wrong with your founder idea, that he had to be assasinated, ofcourse not by ISI,
    May be u will get clear about your accounts buddy,I hope you didnt got confuse for this

  2. Jinnah

    I think it right time for us to start thinking about new pakistan, namely UIS (united islamic state), because we have not only given bad name to pakistan but also to the whole muslim fraternity.

    Along with the new name we must also change the federal structure of pakistan and give more power to the states so that people will get the real benefit of democracy and will be saved from the person like sufi mohammad who misguide them.

    does that comment make difference to @hina and @hamid


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