Why are muslims so intolerant?

Back in the fifties and sixties, people were very tolerant. Whatever the provocation, no one took the law into his own hands. Of course, there were crimes like murder and robbery, but not so much as nowadays.

With the rise of religious fundamentalism, people have become very intolerant. They cannot bear to hear an opinion which is at variance with what they believe. When they heard that some newspapers in Denmark had printed blasphemous cartoons, they went berserk. They burnt shops and vehicles belonging to Pakistanis, who had nothing to do with the matter. Why damage innocent people’s property when there are civilized methods available to protest? They could have written to the newspapers concerned to tell them that they were hurt. One of our citizens living in Germany tried to kill the editor of a newspaper.

And yesterday, Indian muslims attacked the female writer Taslima Nasreen, because they don’t agree with what she wrote. Is this the way civilized people to behave? They should remember the early years of Islam, when Muslims won the hearts of the idolators by behaving courteously. Contrary to what most non-muslims believe, Islam did not spread by the sword. Muslims should learn to be tolerant of others and not attack those who do not agree with them.

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  1. maybe they are intollerant because americans are so wrapped up in trying to fix the world that they pissed off people with a different culture, and who go about their lives in a different way. Just because their culture was different, they are mocked by americans, treated like crap and then shit on by the US gov’t when bush needs a reason to make some $ from his oil pipeline.

    just a thought..

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  2. Well, everything will be ok with the mutual respect i think.
    For example, Pope said something bad about Mohamed, why he said that?
    What will you feel when somebody swears to Jesus? Think like that.
    Muslims love their prophets and religion and they are away from this kind of discussion.

    Today, antimuslims’ behaviour is similar to crusaders in the past. Nobody thinks of that.
    Before judging muslims are intolerant, just try to be respectful.

    Islam is the MOST peaceful religion, just read the holy Qoran, and try to understand it. Dont take some words from it such as “kill etc.”, read the whole sentence, which includes “kill”.
    There is also “kill” word in the Bible, but i dont say the Bible is aggressive.
    So with the some respect, world will be more peaceful. Nobody gives you the right of introducing a prophet as a murderer.
    IMHO, i think that non-muslims are intolerant at this point.
    Everything will be ok than.


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