Why are Muslims so intolerant?

Whenever Muslims, especially most Pakistanis, meet people who have opinions which are different from theirs on any subject (especially religion), they react with violence. Why are Muslims so intolerant? And despite having 70% of the world’s energy resources, most Muslim countries have not been able to progress. Is it because Muslim countries do not attach much importance to education? Or perhaps it’s because almost all Muslim countries are dominated by the feudal culture, where respect for the law is almost non-existent. We see the sons of powerful men breaking traffic laws with impunity, as they are confident that no one can dare touch them. Sometime back, the son of the former Pakistani law minister thrashed a fellow passenger who objected to the jumping of the queue by the former. I have myself seen a flight delayed by forty minutes by a government officer whose servant had not been able to reach the airport in time. And the Islamic world will never progress until and unless Muslims in positions of power themselves do not respect the rights of others and follow the law.

2 thoughts on “Why are Muslims so intolerant?”

  1. I once stopped at a traffice signal and was hit by a taxi in the rear. And I had to pay him for his broken light! Because the traffic cop and all the other taxi drivers in the area surrounded me and said I shouldn’t have stopped when the signal had just turned red, I should have checked in the rear view mirror and broken the signal to avoid being hit. This kind of thing can happen only in Pakistan!

  2. True, Shakir sahib. I myself actually enjoy stopping at traffic signals. Gives me time to adjust my radio volume. I remember thoroughly well that I stop at the signal in front of Seaview McDonalds even though there are barely any cars during the day time. One of my friends asked me should we run the red light? Then without waiting for an answer he said, “chorr yaar hum hee signal tortay hain phir hum hee tornay waalon ko gaalian deytay hain.” And we stayed.


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