Who I am?

Who I amDuring my school days once on the way back home my friend asked me that tum kon ho/who I am to which I replied without a pause that I am a Muslim. She smiled and repeated the question and I replied that I am a Pakistani. She didn’t seem to be satisfied and inquired further that we all are Muslim but actually who you are and I keep on starring at her that I am a Muslim, I am Pakistani what else can I be? She explained to me that she is a Shia and a Muhajir and now I have to tell her who I am. That was the day when I learned that there are ethnicity and sect to which we belong.

We never had this kind of discussion at home and it was a knowledge at that age for me that people in Pakistan can be Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi etc based on their provinces and languages they can speak. My mind takes example from 23rd March parade where all the provinces display their culture on colorful floats to celebrate Pakistan day. All that I still remember but can’t figure out yet who I am.

I still try to evaluate it from my location and linguistic skills. My father lived in Punjab during his childhood and later migrated to Sindh and finally settled in Karachi while my mother belongs to Punjab. I was born and brought up in Karachi and can speak Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi and English.

So what should I call myself; Sindhi, Punjabi, Muhajir or just Pakistani? We probably need to revise the lessons of Islamiat Book 1.

Q– Hum sab kaun hain ?

A-Hum sab musalman hain.

Q– Hamara deen kia hai?

A-Hamara deen Islam hai.

Q-Hamaray mulk ka naam ki hai?

A-Hamaray piyare mulk ka naam Pakistan hai.

Q-Pakistan main rehne walon ko kia kehtay hain?


Note – Although thoughts being provoked by current political scenario but Strictly non political post.

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