Who Did Lahore Blasts?

Claiming responsibility for the terrorist attacks has also become a pastime for the obscure forces and even the governments take it as a tool of exploitation. Though Deccan Mujahideen, an unknown militant organization in India accepted the onus of the Mumbai carnage, India took it religiously that Pakistan based outfits have done that.

A previously-unknown pro-Taliban group, Ansar Wa Mohajir, has claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s bomb explosion in Lahore and the earlier rocket attacks on Dera Ismail Khan. But there are many discrepancies in the account told by this forgotten outfit. Terrorist outfit claimed it was a suicide bombing, targeting a government installation. But the police in Lahore were saying the explosion took place in a mini-truck carrying explosives.

Another glaring discrepancy was about the actual target. Toofan Wazir, identifying himself as a commander and spokesman of the group, phoned the local newspaper from somewhere in North Waziristan to claim responsibility for the Lahore attacks. Toofan was an idiot. He didn’t know about the target where the blast occurred and he was also clueless about the number of rockets fired in the Dera Ismail Khan.

It was basically another RAW effort to falsify the Pakistani assertion that the Lahore attacks were carried out by the Indians.

5 thoughts on “Who Did Lahore Blasts?”

  1. Ayush,
    You are correct in your observation that Pakistan as a nation is insecure. Every time someone tells them to mend their ways, they take it as a ‘conspiracy’. The conspiracy is usually orchestrated by West, Israel, US, Angraiz, Yahoodi, Hindu, India, Sunni, Wahabi, Shia or Russians. Leaving China out – you see, the platter is full; everyone is their concern, regardless other may never have even thought of them. What the nation can not see is the virus it is nurturing in its midst. No one understands religion but is fervent about it, does not follows it but wants others to follow it.

    I know of friends in Kashmir (India) who got killed by BSF and Indian Army, whole families wiped out. They were innocent people brain washed by the same religious zeal that it is wreaking havoc in Swat and Bajur. Roosters have come back home.

    I only wish that people both in India and Pakistan do see the side of the picture that the patriotic media is to shy to show. Only this can resolve the suspicion and doubt.

    It is sad to realize that nearly 60 years after independence, people across the border have not accepted the reality of partition. What can this region not achieve? What is it that this region does not have?

  2. i dont want pak to be a failed state.At least no one in south Asia region.but the fact is people of pak do not want to help themselves.If anyone is critisizing pak then “thats a conspiracy against most progressive Islamic state” as if all muslims of world are living in pak.The fact is pak people do not see anything after relegion.What they see India as a “hindu state” harrassing minorities and western world as “christians” who want to “destroy muslim world”.
    I dont know what the hell is potrayed by pak media abt indian muslims but the fact is A indian muslim is as much as an Indian as any hindu can be.You may give eg of babri mosque, Gujrat riots but does that mean all indian muslims left India ?R they all going to Pak? No! They are not . Bcos they think they are in much better situation in India than going to Pak.
    Do u know abt Mr Haneef who was caught by australia saying he was a terrorist. Whole India was united against stating that an Indian Muslim can be a terrorist.Can any paki can claim that? Even if someone gives u the proof u pakis will say that its a conspiracy against u , ur nation , ur relegion..!thats the main diff. Between an indian muslim and a paki…
    Never again dare to think that India is just for hindus its for muslims too… And that is something pak can never digest…

  3. Ayush, Muslims have always been second-class citizens in “secular” India, which is why they demanded the creation of Pakistan. You know that Narendra Modi arranged the killing of 2000-3000 Muslims, throughout history, Muslims have been the victims of Hindu terrorism. As far as 9/11 is concerned, none of the hijackers was a Pakistani.

  4. Ayush,
    Use some sense? Who is funding Talibans in Pakistan? ISI? No silly, that the gift of India for its neighbors!
    Question that the world should be asking is can they afford to make Pakistan a failed state? If a failed state like afghanistan can wreak havoc at US, imagine what a nuclear armed failed state can do!

    As far as religion is concerned, you and I are not the authority here. India has its own issue with Minorities and track record of the subcontinent as a whole (inc. B.Desh and S.Lanka) is not impressive. There are more ethnic divisions in this part of the world that rest of the world combined.

    Lets hope good sense prevails.

  5. “India took it relegiously..” what do u want to prove by writing that? Its u pakistanis who have seen India as a Hindu based country.That shows ur provincial mentality.India is a place where hindus,muslims always lives togeather but that is sumthing u pakis dont belive.(because that will go against the reason for creation of pakistan.)
    U pakis think u have taken responsibility of all the muslims around the world and think all other muslims are either fool or are not truely islamic.U pakis think more about indian muslims who are living in much better condition than people in pakistan.Do u know the word “Paki” has became a slang for most of the muslims around the world and nobody want to get related itself to pakistan.
    Its not about Islam because it has always preached good things but its abt u pakis who think any attack to pak is attack on Islam… What a joke!
    Pakistan is a failed state and instead of thinking abt relegion and conspiracy against Islam , think abt pakistan and then i believe u will be one of the prosperic Islamic nation of the world.
    Again… Pak do not represent Islam and Islam do not represent pak…
    But yes pak do Represent terrorism…


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