Who Comments Better, More; Men or Women?

Since I had chat with one of my blog friends about who comments more; men or women, I have been reading Why Women Comment Less on Blogs, Since When Do Women Have Nothing to Say and some more interesting articles I could find on the subject?

On the other hand, another friend says women common more because they release their feelings more than men. On the other hand, Axinia says men comment more. Empirical observations on Quasi Fictional ā€“ four months old blog – indicate that women comment more. I may be just a bit biased because I’m so immersed in this technology and in social media but evidences indicate that most of readers who comment are female. What is more, more women have contributed to the Fine Art of Blogging ā€“ open invitation blog project.

Multiple surveys confirm that females outnumber males online and how Internet usage differs between men and women. On study says, Men tend to see it as an office, a library, or a playground. Men tend to be more intense Internet users than women, being more likely to go online daily (61% of men and 57% of women) and more likely to go online several times a day (44% of men and 39% of women).

Women are more enthusiastic communicators, more likely to write to family and friends about a variety of topics, sharing news, joys and worries, planning events, and forwarding jokes and stories.

So who comments more on blogs; men or women? Iā€™d love to hear your observations and thoughts on this.

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