Where men cannot see even their wives or sisters

About a year ago, I read about a place in Saudi Arabia where there is so much segregation of the sexes that men have never seen the faces of their wives, nor their sisters. This seemed a bit outlandish, so I wrote to a woman’s group in Jordan asking them if this was true. They never replied, so I assume that this kind of thing is not rare in that part of the world.

I thought how would a man identify his wife’s body if the police called him and showed him many dead women who had died in an accident? How would a man know that the woman calling him from across the street is his sister?

Maybe the men and women don’t talk much over there (not a bad idea, I know Pakistan would be a much better place if some politicians and religious leaders kept their mouths shut all the time). But it looks like there are other places where this kind of thing is common. You can imagine my amazement when I read recently that the first president of India (Dr. Rajendra Prasad, a Hindu from Bihar) belonged to a village where men were not allowed to see their wives or talk to them in the daytime. Apparently they didn’t see each other in the night also, since that place is the most backward in India, where even today many villages don’t have electricity.

It seems that the world is full of strange people.

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  1. AoA h r u guys,,,, Shakir Lakhani yaar wives n sis un ki hain wo dekhin na dekhin app ko kiya prob hai … apni fikar karo k app kiya kar rahay ho…her koi dosro ko pointout karta hai koi khud ko b dekhay k vo khud kya hai….

  2. Mr. Yusha, please try to find out why those guys have this custom of not seeing the faces of their wives and sisters. If it is not true, please come up with proof. I am still convinced these people exist, but I would like to know why they are such psychos.

  3. First of all i don’t see a reason behind this post. You find an article that is a bunch of lies and decide to write a post on it. Lets say for a second that there is truth in it, even then, what is your purpose of mentioning it? Are you trying to tell the world the extent that extremists are willing to go to. Yes, we know all about it.

    However, i read the article on the website and had a good laugh because some retards don’t even know how to invent lies. As, we read in an authors post, an anti-quran film is about to be released. These people hate Islam. They always have, they always will. Before that there were cartoons of Rasulullah. Do you not see their poison and hatred for Islam.

    With all due respect Sir, open your eyes.

  4. Saudi – where men can’t see their wives and sisters

    Rest of the world – where men can see other peoples’s wives and sisters.



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