Where is the Revolution?

This is the dark age. Doubtless, it is one of the darkest ages. Literally. I declare without exaggeration or distortion of facts, that where I live, electricity is unavailable, conveniently termed as “load shedding”, more than fourteen hours daily. Where does that leave us? Even now while typing this I have to save this document after every word as the beasts sitting behind power supply switch it off at their whim and fancy.

Now I fully understand what makes people terrorists. I aim to become one soon. And why isn’t the revolution showing up? Where is Al Qaeda when we need it the most? They make non-issues issues and try to eradicate the people who matter least in overall general corruption. Why can’t a V for vendetta rise up in Pakistan and wipe away each and every scum off this planet?! I’m going to learn how to make bombs and will sell them at convenient rates to all and sundry, especially the poor, downtrodden ones. I’ll tell them to blow up each money eating, blackened hearted corrupt ‘high official’.

I know that the part of Pakistan where we live has the highest rate of load shedding. All the other adjoining areas may experience load shedding too, but it’s for maximum six hours. Another thing that amazes me about this city is that the citizens are so darn proud of it. Along with its glaring ignorance, dusty, heat ridden roads and places. Ok, so they have KFC, and Pizza Hut to boast of, but it ends there. Recently, Rahat Bakers opened up here, but everything they serve is pathetic and overpriced. I made the mistake of buying salad and puked before I had taken the third bite. Eeww. And to top it all, these people make fools of the locals, they tout this place to be in comparison with Paris and America! Talk of absurdities.

Another interesting piece of information is, that I am with the army nowadays. So all those non army people, oh puhleeeeaaze stop whining and pointing fingers. I’m fed up of this whole system (so-called), this country and its bigoted khusra like politicians (some). And a note for Al Qaeda; when you target the criminals sitting on the threshold of this country’s future, keep one more figure in you mind. That’s Ali Saleem Begum Nawazish Ali. And I hope that all those responsible for this electricity shortage rot in lightless jails in the hottest city in this country. Soon.

8 thoughts on “Where is the Revolution?”

  1. hi all,i am read all the discussions,but we forget about one thing that for revolution there is nation,but pakistan is not a nation,here we found sindh,balouchistan,pakhtoonkhawa,punjab and now baltistan,for revoultion we have to think.we have to forget that we are sindhi,balouchi,pathan,punjabi,or any other,we have to combine for our nation,but why we do that?we are think about our own,we never think about pakistan,because we depend on these filthy politician’s who are grabing everything from this nation and filling their pockets,we never care about pakistan,we care about ourself,watch Nelson mandela he is the man who care about his nation,watch iran,lot other countries,but we want to live with differences,lets one time forget our differences except each other as brother,than no one can stop this nation

  2. What is this? Seriously? It seems nothing more than a load of non sense, psycho babble really. Just another example of people in Pakistan with way too much time on their hands. Write all the garbage you can muster in your tiny head, complain all you can, and do nothing about it. People like you are part of the problem, not the solution. Take up a healthy sport to vent your anger.

  3. What was this supposed to be? an article? a note? a page from “Oh my god I have ‘like’ so many problems” diary?
    Sorry for sounding rude but some of the things you wrote back there were pretty childish. yes, i agree with the whole load shedding deal, with making the bombs and killing ali saleem deal. But saying to the ‘non army’ people to ‘puhleez’ (i don’t even want to know why you spelled it that way, now that made ME puke) stop whining and pointing fingers was a real laugh. When half of your country’s economy is owned by retired generals who own corporations worth millions and you sit around like a dumb ass saying “where did the tax payers money go?” then you will find hard not to point fingers at the military junta of Pakistan.
    You don’t sit around wondering “where is the revolution”, you work for it, you need to eat sleep breathe revolution. Maybe some of us won’t be even alive to see it in its full vigor. Maybe thats the beauty of the revolution
    So i dont know about you people but for me

  4. One Must know what is the revolution and what is the cause of revolution, i think (according to my judgement) pakistan is the name of a croud they dont have their own identity & they are senseless, it was american strategy to involve nation so much in life that they cant have any time to criticise the policies & credit card & inflamation was launched & the result is in front of every one, same thing happens in Pakistan, Mr Shoukat Aziz bring plant of IMF & WB to snatch the prosperity of Pakistan & he was succed to do this.

    Revolution arise from minds but unfortunately we dont have minds, our media, culture is not one that we have adopted, when we dont have our culture then how we can generate revolution, i am waiting for the time when there is a revolution who diminish all the crocodiles that are engulfing Pakistan.

    Balochistan, Sind, Punjab, NWFP all are leading towards revolution.

  5. I lament that this string has ended so soon… many issues could have been wrapped up and scrutinized under the head. I fuly endorse what has been written. As our circumstances would have it, the worst written about the issues only gets real with time…”que lastima”……. There used to be empty promises and worst situation in the passed. Now there is terrifying situation and a continuing MUTE………

  6. and isn’t there bloodshed already increasing here? what else do you perceive the state to be, where people are taking law in their own hands and setting robbers on fire. killings also on the rise, brutal killings. what the heck is this, if not bloodshed, and initial stages of revolution on a small scale. it can be reverted even now… but who bothers? revolution happens when people revolt against their circumstances in which they are forced to live. it’s happening.

  7. I I am not in favor of a revolution any more than you are Seeing the dire straits this country is in, revolution is not at all a romantic notion, my friend. Revolution is just an inevitable turn of events. Even now it is reversible. You failed to see my point. My point is, that by cutting of basic facilities, like electricity, can reduce well-educated, middle class people to sheer frustration, anger and nervous wrecks, what are the poor going to do, who are already committing suicides as they are not able to support their families. I am not as disgruntled as I was before because the load shedding scenario has improved a teeny weeny little bit. Now it’s only for 10 hours rather than 14 hrs. I thank WAPDA for taking away 4-6 excruciating hours of darkness, heat, anger, misery.
    If we are provided with basic facilities, indiscriminately, if our rights are provided to us, whether they are in the form of staple food actually being provided in abundance to us rather than the best part being exported away, what reason would anyone have then to even complain? But judging from how people elect the same crooks again and again as ‘runners’ of this nation, then those people deserve to be trodden upon by the same elected crooks.
    And economy??? Don’t make me laugh. What bleeding economy do we have anyway? The one in which our sweet earned taxes are spent on feeding many people in the ‘seats’, or which furnishes them with private jets? The one where price hike is the only thing which is abundant and increasing a hundred times more than population is?

    Taking away suffering is tantamount to taking away a large chunk of crime. And it’s not all that difficult to accomplish.

  8. I don’t believe that a vendetta could be the solution to all our problems and revolutions have never “showed up” they are grown and cultivated. A revolution might sound a pretty romantic solution to our problems but historically revolutions have been very bloody and they don’t have any immediate impact on the economy.


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