Where do we stand???

Almost 59 years have passed since we got ourselves free from the rule of Britishers.

Our leaders The great Quaid, Liaqut Ali Khan and even our ancestors had dreams. High aims to make this country a wonderful place to live.

We are still developing but with a speed of what???

59 years gone…more to come. But the journey is too slow.We need gear up.

I want to see my country grow in technology.I want this country to be pioneers, inventors not only implementers.

This day, when I took out Civil engineering books of my dad’s, I could see so much in it. Reservoirs of water, earthquake resistant homes….that was back in 1969-1971.

I took out books of astronomy and could see the world moving…

Why are we slow? We do not lack funds. Its shit! (pardon my language) if someone says we do not/lack funds.What about the ones that we do have? How are they being managed.

I will not go on with a comparison list of other countries working. But I would surely like to awake the giant within us.We have kills, we have brains, we have evrything..we need guidance and right directions.

I feel ashamed. 25 years of my life I have spent and I have done no good to my country.

This country I owe so much to.

May we achieve something that we can truly call an achievement. Amen!

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  1. Unaiza,

    You said, “We have kills, we have brains, we have everything..we need guidance and right directions”. Its encouraging that our new generation is aware but i think things will start changing for good when those who are aware of it, will start giving guidance to others (about the right direction) instead of waiting for someone else to give guidance.

    We have everything except a leader and a leader will emerge from amongst us, we can’t import it, it might be you or me, or anyone.

    And do your part for the country, it can really make a difference.


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