Where are we heading?

An independent research organization, that compiles an annual list of dysfunctional states has placed Pakistan on 9th spot in Foreign Policy and Fund for Peace, which is an independent magazine. Is has declared Somalia to be the most dysfunctional state followed by Sudan, Zimbabwe, Chad, Iraq, Congo, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Pakistan and the Central African State. 177 states are rated using social, economic, political and military indicators along with eight others.

Normally I don’t give heed to such ratings as most of them are western sponsored and without much credibility. But what concerns me is that the four main indicators shows a real negative trend making me outrageously pessimistic about Pakistan’s future.

Our society has become very intolerant, choleric and plebeian. We have turned into materialistic group of people. Every one wants to be grab pecuniary advantage from wherever they can get it. Street crime, abduction, homicide, robbery and rape has turned into a pandemic. On top of that inflation and unprecedented increase in prices is adding fuel to the fire.

Economy has gone down considerably. International increase in fuel and food prices has made things worst. Electricity shortage has taken its toll on the industry and weakened Rupee has made things worst. Political unrest and uncertainty is taking the stock exchange to its knees.

If we take a look at the political front, there’s a chaos. Apparently there are three prime ministers working at the same time. Judge’s reinstatement issue seems to be the only issue around. President and the Parliament are in a tangential situation.

Military is engaged in officious circumstances. Both our Western and Eastern borders are unsafe. Taliban elements are leaping into the main districts of NWFP, even the provincial capital is under thread. Writ of the government is in jeopardy.

I am not sure where we are heading. We seem to be in total consonance towards destruction. And the irony is that our politicians are least bothered about real issues. This is what Nawaz Sharif said in his speech at the conclusion of recently held ‘long march’ of the lawyers movement, in Islamabad “I know Pakistanis are facing multitude of problems. Food and fuel prices have gone up considerably. But once the dismissed judiciary is reinstated, I swear by God, all your problems will be solved.” It is a meretricious statement.

As if all our problems will be solved in a wink of an eye!

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