When women go to work

I live in North America and over here either women don’t get married and if they do, they don’t have kids for as many years as the wife wants to work. When a woman does want to have kids she stops working until her kid is old enough to go to school. Makes sense.

Muslim women also go to work from all countries and nationalities but here is what happens. They get married at a young age and have a child. Then they go to work everyday right after their child is born leaving their child in the care of the maid/servant. The child actually grows up in the care of the maid. In some places they are left in day care centres or with baby sitters. What a shame.

The child even though small has emotional needs that are killed because the mother does not have enough common sense that if she wants to copy western women by going to work then she should also copy western women by not having children. Or copy western women by not going to work if she does want children.

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