When there is Musharraf, there is No HOPE!

Yesterday it was a very sad day and I spent the night in restlessness in disturbed sleep. That all happened just because I have left hope. Hope for the freedom from dictatorship. I truly feel as if everything is dark and there is no good future for us.

Nawaz Sharif has been deceptively sent back to Jeddah. In spite of the judgment from the Supreme Court that he could come and remain in Pakistan and that it is his right as a Pakistani but why would Musharraf care. It’s America more important than justice…..America more important than Islam….and America above all.

We respect Saudians a lot but who are they to interfere in our matters. Behind all it is the America that has punished Nawaz Sharif for making Pakistan the Super Power and being against it. It is Musharraf who is enjoying the power and will enjoy the next few years as well.

Before yesterday I had the hope that Musharraf would not be able to get elected as the President but now I feel sure for it. It is Musharraf who has proven to be bad luck for Pakistan army and Pakistan as well but the nation is blind and cannot judge between right and wrong. Pakistan Army was well respected and honored few years back when Musharraf had no hold but since he has put army to kill the people fighting for Islamic cause in the name of terrorism, there is no one to respect it more.

My uncle who is an army doctor in Rawalpindi, doesn’t put on the army uniform when going on or coming from the duty just because he is liable to be harmed. Even army doesn’t want Musharraf any more but who cares…..America wants Him….

2 thoughts on “When there is Musharraf, there is No HOPE!”

  1. “We respect Saudians a lot but who are they to interfere in our matters”

    For your Kind information Sir App k Nawaz Shareef nay Saudi’s ko khud involve kiya tha , Ager un maen 4-5 years Jail KaaTney ke himaat hoti tu ajj woh Country maen hotey

    Remember Nawaz Shareef 7 years continue say koe agreement nahe and atlast he agree nahe Agreement tu tha but 5 years ka ,

    App bilkul sahi kehtey ho koe Hope nahe , Jis country maen aise loog ho jo Aise jhootey loogo ka bhe trust krain waha khuch aacha nahe ho sakta

  2. Of course Musharraf has made many mistakes and doesn’t deserve to be the president any more. But what about Nawaz Sharif himself? He was never an honest leader. The only thing he did was to explode the bombs which we already had, and that too because the Indians carried out their explosions first. In fact, our nuclear assets have turned out to be a liability, first because sanctions almost ruined our country and now because the West is afraid the Taliban will capture them. And finally, why did Nawaz Sharif have to make a man like Rafiq Tarrar (his family lawyer) the president of the country? This is one thing which made us the laughing stock of the world at the time.


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