When Nation gets United

Elections have passed peacefully without any big mishap aside twenty seven killed and some injured. On the collective, everything was peaceful and as I thought that circumstances will turn uncontrollable after the elections, nothing has happened. That is all because the elections have been conducted fairly and the nation is now pretty satisfied. Let’s hope things will remain accordingly as nation wishes.

To the amazement PML (Q) has lost the game, Sheikh Rashid, Sher Afgan Niazi, and other twenty three ministers have also lost the game who had been winning it for years. The nation has expressed its happiness and content by carrying out processions against these leaders. People who had not even ever voted like me have polled their votes just to bring in the right persons and let loose those fraud politicians. This is the unity of nation and till they remain united, no one can let them feel weaker.

When people in Rawalpindi heard that Sheikh Rashid has lost, many of them came out and started hooting with happiness and joy. At the Murree Road and Liaquat Bagh side, people carried out processions and torn the posters of him. Many of them threw stones over the large boards displaying his pictures and several of them tied the hoardings behind their bikes or cycles and pulled it through the roads as if they were pulling Sheikh himself. That is just a single piece of hatred for a single hated politician and there are many more…

Actually majority who has lost were those ally of the President and it is actually the hatred for him as well. People have now hopes that judiciary will be restored and all penalties over the media would be picked up and surely there is a great role of media in creating awareness among the people to judge the right and wrong.

3 thoughts on “When Nation gets United”

  1. It’s not going to be peaceful. The killings will start, there will be strikes and the nation will suffer tremendously, unless Zardari listens to Nawaz and gets the judges restored and Musharraf removed.


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