When He Moves!!! It Really Matters

Don’t confuse yourself by the tag line any way, the personality in discussion is none other than our veteran host Dr. Shahid Masood. Undoubtedly, when in Pakistani media we look around for researchers in the category of hosts, there is no better example than that of Dr. Masood and Talat Hussain.

Though his career has also been brought into the red light, especially after his appointment as MD PTV, it wasn’t the end. I remember him way back in 2002 when he shot to fame for bringing the atrocities of Northern Alliance and Allied forces against Pakistan based Taliban after the invasion. Later his own version of The New Great Game, coverage of Lebanon War and his documentary End of Times captured centre stage.

Enough of preview, its time to talk business. I have often witnessed that when this gentleman starts digging a story, expect a lot to come. Remember in the last days of Musharraf how he got hold of three ex-serviceman and close buddies of Musharraf, and brought to light what became a very crucial evidence in his down fall.

In case you missed the last two shows of his programme on a private channel, he was again seen in the same spirit, with only the gun barrels pointing in a different direction. The 1st programme was on NRO, during which he bombarded this amendment and revealed much which was still unknown. The second programme, though my favorite was revolving around the presumed killing of Baitullah Mehsud. Out of no where he brought some valid points into discussion. The first was the all out claim by the government that Baitullah has been killed, while still they awaited evidence. Strangely, he linked it with the UN probe on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. To what I could perceive, he was pointing to the fact that with Baitullah the prime architect of that assassination, the UN mandate for probe has also been eliminated, as the suspect is no more and he has gone to the grave without revealing any evidence.

Secondly, he raised suspicion on the encounter in Karachi which saw the god father of crime Rehman Dakait dead. Strangely, in his call to Ms Naheed Khan he pointed that Rehman and late Khalid Shahanshah had some close links. For a reminder, Mr Shahanshah was one of the security incharge of Benazir who was killed few months back, and during BB last speech, he was seen on stage making suspicious signs to some one out there.

In any case, some very valid points were raised. I am in no way endorsing his view point or what so ever, but I am just pointing the fact that may be some of our veteran media person have finally decided to raise the curtains, and this example is just one in this regard. Rest only the time will decide, but I believe that some intresting revelations are around the corner.

7 thoughts on “When He Moves!!! It Really Matters”

  1. Well Is hamam main sab ………. wali baat hai.
    I think that every channel is promoting its own style of image and people had to believe what they are watching or hearing. It is hard to pinpoint some HONEST or DISHONEST media personalities. Media is at a high these days.

  2. @Kashif Aziz: : ) True. Good point. One hardly ever thinks about all the unnamed support involved in all subjects undertaken. To attract viewers TV stations do create apparent friction within the station.

  3. Dr. Shahid Masood is as much of a journalist as any of the bloggers frequenting on Pakistani blogosphere. If his shows feels like “indepth research” that’s because of his research team and the feedings he get from the invisible hands. People like him, Kamran Khan, Hamid Mir, Salim Safi etc are all there to make and break opinions. Geo TV on one hand elevate the likes of Shahid Masood and on the other humiliates them through their colleagues like Kamran Khan.

  4. Well I must say that his research work is impressive. He raised some valid points and unlike Hamid I endorse his sayings. there is a probe about Rehman Dakait that he wants to step in as a politician on behalf of PPP which is surely not in favor of the party that’s y he has been removed from the scenario. Khalid Shahanshah could be an important person in BB’s assassination investigation but killed. Now If Baitullah Mehsud involves in her killing He is also gone.
    That’s the scenario America wants or Someone else………? God knows

  5. And read the last two articles of Shahid masood in Daily Jang (the latest one published today, 12th August).
    Some stunning revelations there about Zardari.

  6. @Hamid Abbasi: Fully agree with you. Shahid Masood is very impressive in his work.

    I am sure he is right about the Baitullah Mehsood and Benazir Bhutto theory. It is simple and time-efficient. Also, it is a good scheme of saving the real culprit’s neck.


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