Wheat crisis in a wheat exporting country

Pakistan is an agricultural country and the major problems it faces is poverty and inequality hybernating within the polity. The truth is the that Pakistan’s upper class both political and the unelected watchdogs are moderately ignoring the elemental how the consumerist culture and appearance of Richistans in a sea of dirtiness and violence are irritating deprivation, eviction and hunger.

Never before has a primarily agriculture country been found lacking food becoming a victim of obtrusive speculation. Monopolies are not new phenomenon; however, cartels control oil, cement and all other elements of economic activity. Judgment suggest that inflation in food prices have significantly increases. Inflation in food prices are 20 percent and 8 percent increases in poverty. The officials suggest that the galloping inflation is above 30 percent. We are moving towards that situation where 50 percent of our popullation will be poor soon.

To tacklce this siuation the governments formost priorityis to reconsider its domestic agenda. The ruling party needs to change their agenda and work for the betterment of their country. This is time for spreading education, investment in new projects , land reforms and encouraging foregin invesment in the country rather than playing blame game.

2 thoughts on “Wheat crisis in a wheat exporting country”

  1. Education is necessary for the humen.but knowledge is something els having a broader scope than education for their(humen)personality improvement , and by this (your web) i hope students instead of waisting their times to search different topics and current affairs ,can get most efficient result in limited time.i have no words to appriciate about it but i pray for its success.

  2. when country is run by dakos this sort of thing happen.
    When PM stores wheat in his own warehouse this is normal.
    And when people of land go against Allah’s commands this is what they deserve.


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