What’s The Solution Then ?

From Malakund to Dera Bugti and from Islamabad to Karachi, things are certainly not at their best. Horrible problems in ample quantity have fallen upon us.

From terrorism to street crime, and from price hike to hoarding, and from unemployment to poverty, every kind of ill is there. Society is in disarray and people have become disillusioned. Enough has been written about it in the last blogs, but now what is the solution. We cannot allow thing to just run away like this leaving a trail of blend of blood, bones and flesh residues smeared on the wall of history.

We should have some hard thinking to do, and a national think tank should be created with participation from all the corners of the Pakistan. Let’s forget the past and have a true national reconciliation, but it can only successful if it is not controlled by President Musharraf. He may host it, but must not control otherwise the purpose will be void.

This think tank should be the thinking machine. They should slice and dice the major problems, and should propose workable solutions. They should met frequently, and unabashedly discuss the solution and propose strategies and policies. The biggest service this think tank could do is to formulate a vision for the country.

Only people can bring this change. People power is bigger than the nuclear power. Though I adore the Pakistani nukes, and cannot tolerate any dirty eye or hand or remark towards it, but if somebody asks me to replace this nuclear power with the people power, I would do it happily. If people of Pakistan come forward, join hands, and ensure the integrity, progress and goodwill of Pakistan, nothing will deter our survival.

Agents of change are only the people of this proud country. Solution to all of its problems lies with them. So standup and begin the march.

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