What’s in a name?

Rawalpindi is jammed with the traffic on the Murree Road which links the Islamabad and Rawalpindi remains choked from morning to late night. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed who has been ignominiously defeated from both the constituencies in Rawalpindi managed to delay the project of Leh Expressway throughout five years, but at the end just to garner some votes from the hapless voters of Rawalpindi, he inaugurated the plate of this project, and attributed to this to his own name, and that was it.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed Expressway is now being renamed as Leh Expressway. Whatever the name, the residents of Rawalpindi want the smooth flow of traffic. Our bureaucrats are very swift, and without any urge of government they have changed the name. The new name has been unanimously proposed by the Planning Commission (PC), Directorate of Designing and Consultancy (DDC) of General Headquarters (GHQ), Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), National Engineering Services of Pakistan (Nespak) and the Frontier Works Organisation (FWO).

The thing is that there is no impediment in the building of this project, and this must be completed on war footings.

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