What You Say Not How You Say

Put the hand on your heart, and answer in a flash. Which is more important? What you say or How you say?

In less than a flash, I would say and say it again that what you say. This is so true of everything. Whether it’s a song, or a blog, novel, commercial, hoarding board, or the admittance of falling in love, anything.

Content is the king. Product is the queen. If the packing is chic and the content is average, the content is doomed and so is the presenter. Presentation is a secondary thing and the thing-to-be-presented is of prime importance.

For blogging, nothing is as crucial as content. If a blog is just for your and your spouse, then its fine to write about what you ate in breakfast and why your mood was off in office. For two-person blogs its quite fine to discuss why your cousin Karim is so arrogant and your friend dolly is so polite and naive.

But if you are writing for other (and in my humble opinion, that’s what blogging is), you have to have provide something useful to others. Aesthetically rich site with personal harangue is likely to repel visitors, making them not ever to come back. So inform them, teach them, tell them, but something useful.

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