What US should also Understand

The prime thing is that the U.S. has to make it very clear that the U.S. role against terror is a supportive role and not of an aggressor and that is what was actually ordained with mutual consensus earlier when this gory and useless war started and now it has affected billions of people across the world and has devastated two countries and now on the verge of destroying the third.

The general consensus among many Pakistani citizens is that the U.S. abandoned Pakistan when “we were no longer useful after the Cold War. The bitter sentiments towards United States are because US abandoned Pakistan after the Afghan war and then imposed sanctions, while it flourished it relations with the Indians, who always supported Russians.

Now once again United States is using (or rather abusing) Pakistan, and due to that the Pakistani economy has come to its knees and there is no respite for the common man and now the survival of the Pakistan is at stake. Bush has gone and the Musharraf has gone, and so is their friendship and now it seems that the front line ally of US has become a front line adversary.

Barack Obama must also bring change in this regard, otherwise things are very gloomy for the whole region.

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