What traffic jams can do to you

Like any other cosmopolitan city, traffic jams are part of the life in Karachi. However, the reasons for traffic jams in Karachi may vary from other parts of the world.

According to an infographic, traffic jams are dangerous for human health. They can drive you crazy, make you obese, and even kill you by invoking a cardiac arrest.

Why there are traffic jams?

Traffic jams happen due to two main reasons, too many cars, and too many breaks.

Too many breaks makes a good traffic jam: When a car steps on its breaks, it forces the car behind it to slow down, causing the second car back to reduce its speed further still.

too many breaks cause traffic jams

Too many cars jams the traffic: Similar to a funnel , just the right amount of cars can go through fast enough. Add extra cars and the whole thing backs up.

too many cars cause traffic jams

Psychological impact of Traffic Jams:

Being stuck in a traffic jam makes you worry more, you get angrier and gradually turns into a psychopath. Traffic jams lead to divorce too.

psychological impact of traffic jams

Physical impact of Traffic Jams:

Study shows people stuck in traffic jams develop back pains (due to incorrect driving posture). Traffic jams increase your cholesterol levels, make you obese and increase the risks of heart attack.

Annually, 96,000 heart attacks in United States are attributed to Traffic jams.

physical impact of traffic jams

Say NO to traffic jams. Ride a bicycle to work, or start working from home.

The detailed infographic is available at College@Home.

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