What should be done?

In every newspaper that i pick up i read about murder, rape and suicide. Tragic deaths in car, train and plane accidents. Theft, robbery and fraud. AIDS, teen pregnancies and abortions. Poor people not able to feed their 20 children. (O.K. that’s an obvious exaggeration) If all this wasn’t enough we have people in Africa who eat tourists. (This is not an exaggeration!)

Carrying on with my life with my own duties, responsibilities and problems i often think about what should be done. I want to wake up one day where i read nothing but good in the newspaper.

Maybe i should stop reading the newspaper and pretend everything is fine which i desperately want to do. Or maybe i should continue writing posts on black magic and have people scream at me that it doesn’t exist. Or maybe continue with my daily thoughts of how i’d like to mutilate rapists.

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