What should a Rookie DBA do?

First and foremost he must not panic in any case, secondly he must not fall prey of the awe of senior DBAs, senior system administrators, senior network administrators, senior developers and the likes, neither must he start finding shortcuts to glory from the outset of his career. And the most difficult thing he must adopt is to not to blindly learn anything from the seniors. He should listen to them, watch them doing things, but believe the things after doing them himself.

Internet should be the bread and butter of a junior DBA, but with extreme caution. It can make or break his career as Database administrator. Where it can support him at any juncture of obstacles, it can also at the same time, throw him in the chasm of despair and embarrassment.
Reason for the above mention paradox is that there are so many self-proclaimed DBA experts in the virtual world of internet, you can’t count them even in multiple sittings. These so-called experts have muddied the waters a lot, and its hard to winnow genuine from the fake. So watch out and avoid the self-proclaimed DBAs like plague. If you find anyone telling anything technical without proving it and without an easily reproducible test case, he is the terrorist of DBA realm. Avoid him and report him to authorities (the masses).

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