What really is fast food??

Fast Food is the ultimate and most famous plus common food among all of us these days. But to inform you all ‘Fast foods’ are not just a 20th century thing. They have been around since before man was created. The original ‘fast food’ diet was fresh uncooked herbs, fruits and vegetables, nuts & grains. What’s faster than peeling a banana and eating it, or eating some grapes, or strawberries or an apple???

Fresh raw fruits and vegetables have live enzymes in them which help to cure, clean, & refresh us. The live enzymes that are in the raw foods that we should consume every day are like soap to our insides. A day without some fresh raw foods is like a day without a bath or shower.

We have no excuse for not eating right, because God made it easy for us from the commencement.

We need, beside with all of the other things that we consume everyday, at least 5 to 9 servings of fresh raw fruits and vegetables everyday. Not to point out the 6 to 8 glasses of water that we need every day. Have you had yours today? Plan ahead and be prepared whether you go to school, work, or even the doctor’s office. Bon appetite!

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