What Pakistan Needs Right Now?

I have jotted down some points as what really our beloved country needs right now. I would love to have your points added to it. Here are mine:

Things We Need Now:

– Departure of Pervez Musharraf
– Formation of caretaker National government
– Neutral Election Commission
– Restoration of deposed judges
– Free and Fair elections
– Dynamic Leadership

Things We Needed More Now:

– Successors of Reema and Saima
– Fresh talent for the cricket team
– Reunion of Imran and Jamima
– An Urdu tutor for Benazir
– Candidacy of Mussarrat Shaheen against Fazlur Rehman
– Visit of Paris Hilton to Karachi Beach
– Bush/Rice Scandal like there was Clinton/Monica one.

Anything else you need?

2 thoughts on “What Pakistan Needs Right Now?”

  1. We need Musharraf to rule the country for another 10 years at least.

    Present Caretaker Govt is quite capable and can deal the up-coming elections with utmost neutrality

    Deposed judges must not be restored because the former CJ was waging personal war against the President and in the process he was going against the interests of Pakistan like releasing terrorists from jail

    There should not be any elections because the chances are that the looters and plunderers might come back to rule the country once againg because of Pakistan’s low literacy rate and people’s low memories

    President Musharraf is quite dynamic, dedicated and enthusiastic


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