What men want from women

I have found that the most difficult thing in the world for a woman is to shut up when her husband wants a bit of peace and quiet after a hard day at work. You can’t be expected to listen to your wife talk about how the couple in the adjacent house goes on foreign trips twice a year when you’re struggling to balance the budget. So, the first thing a woman should do is to keep quiet most of the time and speak only when she thinks her life is in danger (like when she sees a mouse in the kitchen).

The second thing she should do is to manage the house on what her husband gives to her for household work. She should keep in mind that he is constantly trying to save money by not smoking or drinking and going to work in the neighbour’s car and often walking the three kilometers from his office to his house in the evening. He’s doing all this so that he can save enough for her to buy the six or seven new dresses she needs every month.

The third thing she has to do is not to feel jealous if he looks at other women. She should understand that this is something inbuilt in a man. If he stops looking at other women, he may as well be dead. In fact, she should be happy that he has some life left in him after having served her for so many years.

If a woman does all what I have said above, her husband will always be her slave.

4 thoughts on “What men want from women”

  1. LOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    are you the same guy who told me that he feels sorry for the girl i will marry!!!!


    Please take a look at your pathetic mental condition.

    After reading this post anyone can tell who’s wife to feel sorry for.

  2. I went through ur article, its quite rude to say that a wife should shup all day n talk only when her life is in danger. she is as important member in running a house as the man himself is, if he works outside to earn money for his family, she does the same inside her house, 6-7 dress a month can’t do what a few loving words n exposure of care from her husband can! Sorry to say u have underestimated the value of a woman in man’s life!


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