What is Life?

What is life? Every body has its own meaning for this word. For some it’s a bed of roses and for some a bed of thorns…..it depends how you see it.

Do you take it in positive sense or negative? Some people have all the joys, happiness and fun but still they don’t enjoy, others have nothing to enjoy whether food or happiness, but they enjoy it and have satisfaction….the reason is that it’s the nature of people and their thinking that how they take it or sometimes it’s the circumstances that changes the mood, thinking or attitudes… sometimes the circumstances make you so strong that even the hardships of life can do nothing in front of you and sometimes you even get so weak and lonely that even your shadow leaves you to suffer.

So whatever the circumstances are the one who never leaves us in any time whether happiness or distress is… “God”, the one who decides our fate from birth to death …who is always with us and showering his blessing on all of us regardless of religion, race or cast.

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