What if Khalistan wins a war against the U.S.?

This is something I heard or read years ago (probably in a book by Khushwant Singh). According to this story, the Sikhs finally achieve their goal of an independent Khalistan. But in just six months, they have messed everything up and the country is on the verge of collapse. So the President of Khalistan (Charia Singh) calls a meeting and asks for suggestions to tide over the crisis. The Prime Minister (Buddhoo Singh) says, “Your Highness, I have noticed that every time a country fights a war with the mighty U.S. and loses, the U.S. helps the country to rebuild itself, and this is why Japan and Germany are great economic powers today. All we have to do is to declare war upon the superpower (perhaps sink a couple of their ships in the Arabian Sea), they will bomb our cities, and we shall surrender. And then, with all that U.S. aid, Khalistan will become a rich country.”

The President didn’t respond enthusiastically, so the Prime Minister asked him, “Highness, what’s the matter? What are you thinking?” The President replied, “Your plan is very good, but what happens if the U.S. loses and we win?”


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