What Happend To Our Anchors?

Just scrolling through the channels last night, I was more amazed than rather shocked to see Ms. Ayla Malik on the screen, from the platform of Duniya TV. Well if any one of you got inspired by the name of the show (Situation Room), please hold your horses because don’t expect Wolf Blitzer (Situation Room, CNN) to be at work. What to say, well initially it was a good lecture on PML history (why would someone be interested in this when you have half of the country under siege).

From there onward I was more amused by the guest (Chaudhry Shujaat), who turned the show pretty soon into the “joke room”. Through entire discussion, one was left guessing what was the theme of the show. Where Ayla was questioning Ch Sahib regarding the allocation of tickets in 2008 election, his reply was always consistent, no need to have this discussion at this time. Well finally the goal less discussion did end, and I would say it was no less than a surprise.

It was her first show, and I must say that you cannot expect a perfect performance, but here the problem is not this. I don’t know why they feel an honor to let all other know that they are totally alien to Urdu itself. Well, for sure that’s something to be ashamed of, and if that’s the case, you have other platforms (Dawn, Express) where you would be accommodated in a better way.

Anyways, out of this discussion, one thing is worth mentioning. Ch Shujaat referred to the elections of 2008 as totally biased, and on air claimed that President Musharraf had already made a list of top names which will be defeated through state machinery. Now that’s a big allegation. At the moment I don’t feel that there is any space for this discussion (owing to the IDPs & Taliban issue), but Insha’Allah when its all settled, the establishment must clarify this charge, and come out with the real facts behind the allegations leveled by Ch Shujaat.

For Miss Ayla, I wish you a wonderful new career

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