What a PM

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani has everything but pragmatism and statesmanship of the prime minister. He doesn’t have a clue about the ongoing crisis in the country, and he doesn’t have any apparent intention of eliminating those crisis.

He is a colossal failure on the war on terror, and now he has thrown his whole responsibility on the shoulders of the chief of army staff, and he says that government has given the whole control of the war on terror to the army, and they would support whatever it does.

PM says that he is hapless in the face of the economic challenges faced by the country, and he would need multiple tenures as premier to solve such gigantic problems and he put the blame to the previous regime, and showed his utter disability. Does he deserves to be our PM?

So then what is the advantage of electing this PPP government in, and then what’s the use of this puppet Prime Minister in the corridors of the power?

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  1. Mr Gillani is apologetic and submissive towards everything and everyone for being Prime Minister, towards the late Benazir Bhutto, towards her “baqiat” Mr 10 %, towards Amrika Bahadur, towards Perves Musharraf and even towards his own incompetence and cowardice. However, the buck stops here. Apologies do not suffice as an answer to the economic and miltary challenges Pakistan faces. Nor does Gillani’s attitude that he is only Prince-regent for Bilawal Zardari (famous for his mental retardation).

    Mr Gilani has to either handle the issues or quit.


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