What A Justice!

Shiv Sena, a Hindu nationalist political party of India, has directly pounded upon the Pakistani cricketers who are currently in India for the IPL matches through its statement. Udhav Thakeray, executive president of Sena, while talking to reporters, said that the Pakistanis are the enemies of the entire nation and we have been opposing their playing here for many years now.

Isn’t it sad to hear such remarks about ourselves? Where our government is trying its best to maintain healthy relationships with India, the Indian political parties are passing such derogatory comments.

Why the Pakistani government is being so sympathizing towards the Hindu prisoners then. The protocol given to Kashmir Singh was eye popping. And so is the attitude of our government towards Sarabjit Singh as he is still not hanged for his sin. Kashmir Singh was a spy and Sarabjit Singh was an Indian terrorist who killed a number of people in a series of bomb attack in Lahore and Multan in 1990. On the other hand, our innocent people who go to India for recreation are being killed for no reason. They are being treated so brutally in the jails that they succumb to their injuries. Hats off to the atrocious behaviour of Indian police forces!

Is this how we promote good relations? Aren’t all of these incidents revealing the actual Hindu mentality and their thinking regarding Pakistan? They abhor us and they keep showing this to us but guess our government is blind. It can’t see the pain in the eyes of those Pakistanis whose beloved ones are killed for no reason. What a justice!

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