Western clothes banned in Peshawar!

I’ve lived in all major cities of Pakistan, including Peshawar, and I’ve always noticed that apart from Karachi and to some extent Lahore, most men prefer to wear the national dress. But now the men of Peshawar have been told to stop wearing the shirt and trousers and wear the shalwar kurta instead. This is to prevent any crazy Taliban type from attacking those who wear Western clothes (this has happened a few times in the past).

What I don’t understand is why the shalwar kurta is considered to be an Islamic dress. The shalwar kurta is actually of Iranian origin, first worn by non-Muslims who lived In Iran before Islam was adopted by the people. If there is such a thing as an Islamic dress, it should be the robe which is worn in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.

When I was in my teens, some mullahs used to say that Allah doesn’t accept the prayers of those who wear the Western dress when praying. But no one objects to Muslims wearing suit and tie praying in mosques in Turkey and Saudi Arabia (as well as in Malaysia and Singapore).

Similarly in Pakistan, mullahs say that women should not wear jeans, but I have seen women wearing jeans under their abayas while walking around the Holy Kaaba. The truth is, there is no such thing as an Islamic dress (or a Hindu or Christian dress, for that matter).

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  1. General, I’m mostly in Karachi but I do go out of the country on business occasionally. I doubt if Yusha will tell you his location, owing to his belief in black magic and how badly it can affect a person.

  2. Oh common Mohammad bhai. Shakir is a very good person, a very rational thinker.

    We must all get along. I am not in the West, I am in Pakistan. But I was living in Turkey for 2 years, part of an Officers Training program.

    Whereabouts are you brothers based?

  3. General: I’ve long known that Yusha is a psycho. If you want confirmation, take all his posts and show them to a psychiatrist, he’ll tell you that Yusha should be locked up. I wish he’d grow up, I thought, after he gave up counting 13 year old pregnant girls in the U.S., he’d improve, but now it looks like there’s no hope for him.

  4. @ Ayub bhai: You can definitely say he dresses well, but there is no such thing as men’s dresses. Since you are already in the West, please get hold of an English teacher. I woudn’t recommend Shakir the same, because he has to get hold of a psychiatrist first.

    Salam and Regards.

  5. Shakir is correct.

    You can say “he dresses well” or “dress clothes” (formal). Or Men’s dresses (i.e. male apparel)


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