Weakness of Faith – Al Maghool and at-Tatar

History is witness to it, whenever Muslims lost touch with Islam and gave into worldly cravings, the worshiping of wealth and love of this world; they lost their status in the world (and, of course, the Hereafter).

A prime example is the time of Genghis Khan. One of the orientalists said: “when the Muslims turned away from their religious teachings and became ignorant of its wisdom and its laws, and deviated towards the contradictory (man-made) laws taken from the opinions of men, there spread in them immorality of character, falsehood, hypocrisy, ill-will and hatefulness increased in them. Their unity disintegrated and they became ignorant of their present and future state and became unaware of what will harm them or will benefit them. They have become contented with life in which they eat, drink, sleep and compete not with others, in superiority.”

History informs us about what the Al-Maghool and At-Tatar (one of the signs of the approach of the Day of Resurrection) did to the Muslims. Ibn al-Athir mentioned the extreme weaknesses of Muslims of that time, which resulted in the empowering of their enemies over them. He narrated that once a woman from the Tatars entered a house of Muslims and killed a group from among the dwellers of the house and due to fear and weakness of iman the dwellers didn’t do anything because they thought it was a man. In another incident, a Tatar entered a street with a hundred men and killed each man one at a time and no one dared raised a hand against him and he (the Tatar) killed all of them. How much humiliation was put over them is out of imagination. But no one had the courage to do anything.

Ibn al-Athir related another incident where a Tatar got hold of a man, but could not find any weapon to kill the man with. So he told the man to put his head on a stone and not to move it until he didn’t return with a weapon of some sort. The man remained in that position until the Tatar returned with a sword and killed him. And so forth.

When I first read about these incidents I was dumbfounded. Could a person be so bereft of courage that not even an ounce of courage could be found in him? But why not? When we deviate from the truth and reach disbelief in the Power of the Almighty, we become cowards. We do not accept that all power is solely with Allah (SWT) and if He Wills then it will happen. No man has any power over another man. Nor even over himself. No can harm, but by Allah’s Will.

We beseech Allah to make Islam victorious and to lead all Muslims on the right path, Ameen.

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