We will have to Unite…!

Pakistan came in to being just for Islam. Today it seems quite changed situation here, where lesser people pay heed thoroughly over this religion. Mostly, everyone seems to have own concerns and so it needs to be corrected for saving our identity. The circumstances prevailing here not at all are agreeable. There are bomb blasts everywhere and most of the times; the situation seems to be out of the law and order.

A citizen of Karachi has the greatest threats for being robbed or killed. And so outsiders fear to visit Karachi. But if we cater for the last two or three years, situation like Karachi seems to take up every where in Pakistan, where there is a high ratio of street cries and murders. People now fear to live in Pakistan even but have no other option.

That all is primarily because of the unwillingness to impose the Islamic rules or law in the true sense. Pakistan is prone to great conspiracies as on one side America has compelled to make it a front line ally against the terrorism, and on the other, India wants Pakistan to be ruined as it ensued to the East-Pakistan. And indubitably there are hidden hands that are trying to place on gaps and tensions between the Pakistani nation and the security forces and in such situation, politicians are playing no significant role. At this time, there is a great need for all Pakistanis to be one for one cause so that strong decisions could be made that make the Pakistan stronger and stronger.

4 thoughts on “We will have to Unite…!”

  1. “You are free, free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other places of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed – that has nothing to do with the business of the State.”
    Aug 11 1947 address to the nation-Quaid e Azam

    and Ayub Khan came up with the title ” Islamic Republic Of Pakistan” in order to make the mullahs happy

    and Zia came with hadood ordinance to make mullah’s happy

    Qaid’s vision of a Muslim Pakistan is not what the mullah’s and ultra moderates have us believe

  2. oh yes thats so true and very scary … and @ jassim abt the US thing that is not true anymore, you must be talking about the 60s and thats that, but for us we can’t go any where with out fear in our hearts from something bad happening to us.
    as i always say the only thing that units us is fear nowadays:(

  3. YA this sounds totally correct because the meaning of pakistan is {LA-ILLAHA-ILLAL-LAH}.
    NOW pakistan has taken an abrupt turn and pakistan is an islamic country and our coulture is totally different than this what iz happening rite now we should stand unite and make our country again a totally islamic republic.{inshallah}

  4. NOo place is left in this world where we all can find save place to live … Every country has it’s own problems in any other way’s specifiacally saying about street crimes , Even in US there are certain area’s in New York where Blacks are dominant , would not let white’s to stand in their territory …


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