We need Heroes

I cannot help myself humming the tune from my heart;
Where have all the good men gone?

The first line of Jennifer Saunder’s song, Holding out for a Hero; soundtrack of Shrek 2. No one speaks of Ëœglory , Ëœpurity , and Ëœsincerity anymore. Glorified words.

How easily and readily people gulped the nihilistic approach of the 21st century. Even people who principally agreed with all the golden principles were fed so fast and overwhelmingly with nihilism from all sides that they swallowed it unquestioningly. After all, it makes things a lot easier. No more responsible behavior; no more conscience. Hail to the epicurean lifestyle. Along with a free world.

If I start saying sentences like this is the age of ignorance  etc. I would be shunted out of scenario (if there is one) faster than the speed of light. I sound old, don t I? My analogies and expressions are old. I don t mind. But I know that no one would consider me sane after such blurts at my part. But that is beside the point. No one considers anyone sane nowadays. You can hear many people honoring others, or the whole humanity in general with epithets of ˜insane and the like. From whence did this bitterness and devil-may “care attitude creep in? People are fascinated by evil and the devil. Entities that are the weakest in terms of power, resilience and stability. This is the age of denial. It is much easier to ignore the truth. One part of our brains is going into permanent slumber. It might altogether fail to appear in the generations to come. Until maybe, one fine day, it will awaken in some odd child of the future. That child will recognize the truth; maybe will even be burdened by it. But it will not be easy to ignore that awakened sense . And this new vision, if coupled with great strength and resolution might bring about small changes in that world.

I still dream and hope. And so do lots of people. What is alarming, and yet, maybe even inevitable, is the growing despair mixed with obstinacy in ignorance (read wrong) in people. Prayers for all.

4 thoughts on “We need Heroes”

  1. Yes, Abeer, you sound a little old, like you remember a different time, like I do. Sometime in the mid eighties, Associated Press stopped archiving stories on famous people–heroes. Their reasoning, as I understand it, was that there we so many one-shot-wonders–people who would perform some great act or achievement, never to be heard from again–that the volume of thin files was becoming too much, so they just quit. I believe this is a reflection of the amazing population growth the world has seen in the last fifty years.

    But the heroes remain, and they are all of us, in large or small measure; we do something great, worthy of the news, or something small, worthy of only our own little self-congratulations. The potential is in all of us, and anyone can be a hero; all we need is to do right when we could more easily do wrong, and get away with it.

  2. Musharraf

    Shoaib Akhtar

    Imran Khan

    General Ayub Khan

    AQ Khan

    they are all heros….yet (despite some flaws they had) we never give them enough credit

    We should learn to stop shitting on our heros and rather learn to emulate them


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