We Can’t Afford Losing

In order to resolve the restive situation in the Balochistan, FATA and Swat, our leaders have to be prudent and they must leave stubbornness. They must get rid of petty politics and cheap point scoring which is very short lived. The issues are complex but they are not impossible.

In any case, the situation in the ground is not as gloomy as is being painted by the intelligentsia on the television. Not isn’t what its all about? Every country on the map has problems and that’s what politics and dialogue are all about: breaking down the walls of rigidity. If all of us were reasonable, there would be no need of diplomacy and conciliation.

We must not forget our history. Same thing has happened to us before and we must rise to the occassion. We must not let our enemies prevail this time. What happened in 1971? If Islamabad and Dhaka had been on the same wave-length, there would have been no breaking point in 1970. So, please, let’s remove our blinkers and stop ducking behind the old clashes.

We must pay heed. We cannot afford to loose FATA, or Balochistan or Swat. We simply cannot.

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