WazirZai Tribes Angry with Government

As Barack Obama, the first ever black and youngest president in United States history takes his place in the white house, the intensity in attacks by the US spy planes have increased. That and now there is no explanation from the White House in this regard and all the officials are silent over the attacks.

The Pakistani government has also resigned from demanding US to not to attack them and the ANP government in NWFP is busy in it’s own antics. Chief Minister Hoti of ANP is nowhere to be seen and he has even stopped coming to the assembly. The political administration in the Wazir agency has also stopped any working.

The drone attack came after a month of silence, as Taliban operating there claimed to have busted a network of US spies.The Taliban also claimed to have killed 40 out of 80 alleged US spies, captured on charges of spying on so-called Mujahideen for the US forces across the border in Afghanistan. According to the media sources, it was the third attack by the US drones in South Waziristan this month and the first after Obama took oath of his office.Two senior al-Qaeda operatives of Kenyan origin — Usama al-Kini and his close aide Sheikh Ahmad Salim Swedan — were killed in US missile strikes in Karikot village of South Waziristan on Jan 1.Relations between the government and Ahmadzai Wazirs have already been tense over frequent missile attacks in the tribal region.

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