A wazeefa is basically any kind of zikr that a person recites in large quantities. Some people are in the habit of doing wazeefas with absolutely no knowledge about the wazeefa. Then they end up with various physical problems and wonder why.

Different forms of zikr have different qualities. The most intense forms of zikr are known to be jalali. They require that a person is very religious so that his soul can take the weight of the zikr.Ask a body builder to lift extemely heavy weight and he will not have any problems in doing so, but ask a normal person and his back will break. Similar is the case with zikr. If a person who does not pray five times a day and indulges in sins sits down to do zikr in the form of a wazeefa, say thousands of times a day, he can end up with a number of problems, some very serious. This is because his soul will not be able to tolerate it.

I have noticed that people on the internet are sitting waiting to give permissions for doing wazeefa. Permission can only be taken from someone you know personally. There are also other conditions. A person must pray five times every day. He must abstain from sins. He must be pak. He must avoid certain kinds of halal food until he finishes the waeefa.

Zikr of Allah is pure and it will only attract pure. It repels the impure. That is why while doing a wazeefa a person must be pure in mind, heart, body and soul.

One thing must also be kept in mind. Even if a zikr is not jalali and a person does it in the form of a wazeefa, he will only be able to see the result and positive effect of the wazeefa if he prays five times a day and avoids sins.

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  1. @Maria: Simply recite the masnoon duas.

    @Sohail: Simply pray 2 rakats nafl with the intention of salat ul hajat. After that make dua, preferably starting and ending the dua with darood sharif. There is no certain time, method, etc. You can pray whenever you like, as many times as you like.

    Best Regards.

  2. Dear

    Plz muje namaz hajat k barey main bata day aur iski dua aur dua parne ka tarika kiss wakat kitni bar aur kon ci namaz k baad parna aur kitne din isko parna ha
    plz reply through email addres

  3. Mohammad Yusha please could you give me your e-mail address since i need some advice on wazeefa. I have been married for 2 years Mashalah, but nothing is working right since the very beginning. I had read somewhere to read ”YA WADUDU” 1000 times after isha for husbands love. I have major problems, and i pray to Allah that my marriage does not come to an end i want it to work even after the hardships of two years i still want it to work, but now am loosing all the strength that i had, i just dont have the energy to deal with it all any more on my own, i really need some help, if you please give me your e-mail address that i can give you our names for some advise. Thank you.

    Jazak Allah Khair

  4. Salam

    My name is ayesha and I wnted to share something I found my brand new clothes ripped and that they were never even worn and also a strange little plant like growing out my ceiling in the bathroom. Would anyone be able to tell me the reason of all this thank you

    Jazak allah,

  5. @Muslim: If he has already left you, then he wasn’t good enough for you in the first place. Why do you want the loser to come back? If you still do, the best wazeefa for anything is salat-ul-hajat. Also ask Allah SWT in dua after farz namaz.

    @Umer: I am not comfortable with the reciatation of ayat-e-karima 1000 times daily, as it is the most jalali wazifa that I know of, although you can do it if you want to.

    I recommend salat-ul-hajat for your problem. Also ask Allah SWT in dua after farz namaz.


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