Way Out

Have we come to the last page of our short history? Would we survive? Would we be remember in the cluster of nations? Is really the things are that much bad?

These are the questions every Pakistani is asking? Yes President Musharraf may have succeeded in improving his image abroad, and one thinks that he may have immensely enjoyed his visit to the beautiful Europe, but the country in which he rules the roost is in sheer gloom and doom.

May be elite burger families are enjoying the golf, KFC, McDonalds, fashion shows, cat walks and Mujras, while wondering what the fuss outside is all about, 98 percent of the population is numb after getting through the crisis of flour, load shedding, terrorism and the “no direction” dilemma.

Pakistanis are just acting like a directionless crowd, wondering about their future, unsure of their present, and ashamed of their past. For President Musharraf, perhaps things are still very rosy and promising, but for us there is rampant uncertainty and prevailing haplessness.

At one side India is ready to devour us, and on the other Afghanistan smugly facilitating terrorists inside Pakistan. The extremist Taliban are screwing their own country from inside, and just not listening to reason and common sense.

In these circumstances, what’s the way out? The answer is “change of leadership” and the way we as a nation are living. How that change should come? Is it through a bloody revolution? or through free and fair elections? Much depends upon President Musharraf. If he only leaves himself peacefully…..

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