Watch it Out in IT

In today’s bleeding edge competition in the tech industry where every bit translates into a dollar, or shall we say an oil drop, no one wants to be misunderstood by the market by that means that we have got more to do in order to remain informed about what exactly the giants like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are up to.

The recent burst of Microsoft against Yahoo is yet another reminder that nothing lasts for ever and anything at anytime is possible in todays always changing market. A very vague and unconfirmed news is that Google now wants to make a bid for Microsoft through Yahoo, giving insult and injury at the same time to the rival.

Google is type of this new monster, just like Microsoft has always been, or still is. In a lot of ways, in this volatile economy, Google has far more influence and power over who will or won’t be successful, then I think Microsoft or any other mega monster n the Information Technology industry ever did or perhaps would ever do, Google is the new Microsoft in that regard, the new bogey man with all the frightening bells and whistles and yes the similar flames of arrogance.

Technology of tomorrow will be driven by such takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, so watch out.

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