Wasi Zafar’s Future

If you have been living in Pakistan for the last eight years and don’t know about Wasi Zafar, then you are extremely lucky, as you have saved yourself a lot of grief, along with lots of morbid fun.

I became fan of Wasi Zafar after watching him scratching his crotch with sheer liberty in front of camera. The camera was projecting live pictures from late Geo’s program Capital Talk hosted by Hamid Mir. Hamid Mir was asking questions from other participants, and Wasi Zafar capitalized on the opportunity and tried to gave himself a little relief, though cameraman was also a sadist, and the whole world live witnessed the now-legendary movements of Wasi the Zafar.

People say that he was dismissed from his ministry of law because of scratching, but Wasi Zafar terms his transfer to privatization ministry as “promotion.” When he left the ministry of privatization, not a single soul in his office was without injuries. He was so active and instrumental in the PML-Quisling, they became afraid of his guts, and didn’t even offer him a ticket this time.

Wasi Zafar is the double-barrel gun, he has announced that he hadn’t anything to do with the Chief Justice fiasco, and as he was working against CJP, he will work for his cause given the opportunity, but he has also feared that people might take his truth as a lie now. Wasi Zafar has also said that he wants to now form his own party and would try to gather lawyers under his umbrella and together they will work for the freedom of judiciary. Golly Gosh.

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