Wasi Zafar Cries Foul Play

Wasi Zafar, former Law Minister and Privatization Minister, mouthpiece of President Pervez Musharraf, and famous for his big mouth and long arm, cries foul about pre-poll rigging.

According to news report, Wasi Zafar, contesting as an independent candidate, alleges that senior police officials, including additional IG Police, are canvassing for his opponent Zahid Nazir, a PML-Q candidate.

Wasi said his repeated protests to the Election Commission of Pakistan in this regard had failed to stop them. Even NADRA’s local office was issuing ID cards to those supporting the Q-League candidate.

Wasi Zafar accused the police to lure “voters” by offering them bails and acquittals. Also, the revenue department and officials belonging to other departments were canvassing for votes against him.

Wasi Zafar is contesting as independent candidate from NA-76 Faisalabad II and NA-77 Faisalabad III after PML-Q refused to issue him a party ticket. He is facing PML-Q candidates Zahid Nazir and Amir Nazir on these two seats.

Dr. Sher Afgan Niazi and Zobaida Jalal, former associates of Wasi Zafar, are also going through similar pains. While Wasi and Zobaida’s requests were declined, Dr. Sher Afgan was able to secure a PML-Q ticket. However, he is facing a close relative of the Chaudhries of Gujrat who has all the backing of PML-Q bosses.

Mr. Wasi Zafar, seems your big mouth has placed you in a situation.

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