Warning of Baitullah Mehsud

It seems that the short break to the suicide bombings is going to be over soon. The country will again be burning in the fire of hatred and blood. No one can forget the violence that erupted in the country through these suicide attacks. An enormous amount of people died in them.

The peace talks between the government and the Taliban were, somewhat, a ray of hope for the people of Pakistan but that hope seems to be vanishing now. The recent attacks on the militants have enraged them and their leader Baitullah Mehsud has warned of attacks in Sindh and Punjab in response to the attacks by our forces.

Peace talks have now been suspended and it is expected that the country is going to be hit back again by the suicide bombings.

If this had to be the fate of the so called peace talks then why the government had initially started them. Our government is just doing what America is dictating to them. Right now, only violence is being foresighted.

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  1. A survey was conducted in which 71% of people agreed that government should engage in talks with the militants.I can tell you the date of that issue of DAWN newspaper in which the results of this survey were printed on the 1st page


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