War on terror and Islam

Pakistan is forced to own a war which is not its own. Despite the fact that 7 years have passed by since 9-11 event occurred, still there are no signs of progress regarding the security situation. What has happened has just adversely affected the security situation in Pakistan? Previously it was termed that Pervez Musharraf is responsible for owning war on terror and just a regime change would sort out all the problems associated with this war. The present ongoing events in all parts of Pakistan, have completely proved the above statement wrong. Seven months have passed by since a democratic government has been installed still there are no signs of the situation getting any better. We have been hearing political analyst claiming that they require time to sort out this menace. But how to remind our politicians that they already have wasted enough of time, fighting for there personal grudges?

If we really want to resolve this issue then this war has to be handled as a regional issue. The nation’s states have to understand the motives of terrorists. They have to consider what they want? Do they merely want to terrorize nation’s states with a power that has no laws? On analyzing human nature it is concluded that human adores when people or group of people recognizes his or her power in a way that makes him a superior being. To reach this point, this individual or group of people can use any ideology or technique to take control of the minds of other people. Nowadays it is the religion Islam that have been used as there strategy, ideology and technique to attract people.

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